The Wrath Of Bleach And Faded Jeans

If dull, torn jeans were as fashionable as ripped ones, designers would be bowing to the advent of bleach.
Time and again people are reminded by fashion enthusiasts to avoid using chlorinated bleach on clothing to remove stains.  Clothes come with a tag that reads ‘chlorine-free bleach only’.
Bleach not only cuts down the color but also weakens the fiber!

How It Works

It is important to understand what happens when bleach acts on fabric. Chlorine or non-chlorine, bleach removes stains from clothes by not just pulling of the stain itself but also removing some of the fibers from the fabric, leaving it weak.
Regardless of whether it is used for spot-treatment or bleaching entire garments, it cuts down on color and takes away the vibrancy of your clothes. Not only this, but it also lessens the longevity of that item, giving it a shorter time-span to stay fresh.
It is mostly active wear such as jeans, undergarments, and comfort clothing like your favorite T-shirt that is suggested to be kept away from bleach. This is because these garments contain spandex. Spandex is what gives these clothes extra elasticity.
Along with spandex other fabrics like leather, silk and wool should be protected from bleach too. What is instead suggested for use in the case of spandex is chlorine-free bleach only.
This immediately alerts our senses and suggests that this might be completely safe! IT’S NOT.
bleached jeans
The only way chlorine-free bleach can be deemed safe is by acknowledging that it doesn’t cut down the color instantly as does chlorine bleach. But what it doesn’t fail to do is set things in motion to show damages in near future. Apart from damage to clothes, it releases toxic fumes that are polluting the environment as well.

Fashion Trends and Other Victims

Even though faded and ripped jeans is all-the-rage these days but getting your favorite ones ripped from all the wrong places and fading aggressively would not be appealing. While there may be several DIY ways to fade your jeans and rip them aesthetically on the internet, but that starkly differs from having an utterly damaged pair that cannot be worn anymore.
Since active wear includes undergarments as well, it is annoying to have your favorite lingerie ripping apart and their straps getting loose and weak. It is no surprise that the world of women suffers from scarcity of well-fitting bras. Damaging and exploiting the existing resources would be unethical to your favorite ones. It is even worse when the atrocities reach sports bras which become completely useless if left weak and unsupportive in the wake of a bleach-attack!
Our sympathies extend to that favorite vintage T-shirt as well that got faded and ripped in places like arm pits and necklines. When the reins go in its hands, bleach spares none!
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