Alterations and Custom Tailoring

If you just bought the best and most awesome pair of pants with a suit on sale and found out the slacks hang a little low, don’t just throw it in the closet bring it in to NY Organic Dry Cleaners with the correct measurements and we will hem it so it fits just right. We fix everything like buttons, zippers, hemming to taking in,shortening and removing unwanted pockets.

Get Your Clothes Altered—Finding the Right Fit

At NY Organic Dry Cleaners we provide our clients with custom tailoring and clothing alterationsto help them get just the right fitting!

Whether it’s a pair of pants that are hanging too low or a shirt that’s a little too loose, NY Organic Dry Cleaners can hem it to suit your exact measurements.

We can shorten the hems of various clothing articles, as well as fix everything from zippers and buttons to unnecessary pockets. If you’re looking for a reliable source for your clothing alteration needs, we’re located in Queens, NYC!