A Guide to Dry Cleaning Your Wardrobe Essentials

Alas! You finally controlled your laziness and now you get to enjoy a well-organized wardrobe. You deserve a cookie, no really.
After going through all that pain-staking effort getting your clothes in a presentable order, why not take some time to find out how to get each kind of clothing in your closet dry-cleaned?
Maybe you got here after deciding to get an expensive suit dry-cleaned or maybe you’re reading this out of pure curiosity. Whatever the reason, knowing the tips and tricks to getting your formal wear and casual wear dry-cleaned is bound to help out.
So, without further ado, let’s jump right in to this guide to dry cleaning your wardrobe essentials!

Business Suits

shirts laundry
This is for all the men. When we talk about business suits or wedding suits or any other kind of formal menswear, you don’t have to ship them off to the dry-cleaners very often.
It’s recommended to get your corporate and formal suits professionally cleaned after about 4-5 wears. If you only rarely have to rock a suit, cleaning it once a year should be enough to keep it looking absolutely neat.


Dress Pants and Skirts

sequin skirt
To determine the ideal time to get your dress pants (men’s and women’s) and skirts dry-cleaned, check if they are made from a spot-resistant material.
If they are, it means you’re someone who knows what they’re doing. Dress pants don’t need frequent cleaning and should be taken to the dry-cleaner’s after 4-5 wears while formal dresses and skirts require cleaning after each wear.

Shirts & Blouses

button down shirt

Now for all the ladies, see we hadn’t forgotten you! Every woman owns at least one comfortable button-down shirt and a pretty silk blouse. These clothes have a tendency to be close-fitting and absorb sweat.
So, you want to ideally make regular trips to your trusted local dry-cleaner. If you need to get your shirt professionally pressed to make it ultra impressive, heading over to the dry-cleaners is a pretty good idea. The right time to dry-clean button-downs is after 3-4 wears and after each wear for those delicate silk blouses.
The secret to a happy closet is treating your wardrobe essentials right. This includes being careful to avoid stains and taking them to an organic dry-cleaner on time. We hope this guide has helped you determine when the right time is!
If you’re looking for professional organic dry-cleaning services in Rego Park, NYC, get in touch with us today. We offer top-notch shirt laundry, clothing alteration, dress preservation services and more.