Dry Cleaning: How It Works

Doing laundry is a common household chore that has been around from time immemorial. While it has considerably evolved over time, it still holds the title of being “the most hated household activity ever”.

There was a time when people had to do their laundry all by themselves. But since it is the age of convenience and efficiency, homeowners needn’t have to do the laundry on their own. Fortunately, their laundry needs can be taken care of by dry cleaners that are always a call away.

If you are new to dry cleaning and its working mechanism, you have landed on the right page! Here you will learn what dry cleaning is and how it works so that you don’t feel hesitant to use dry cleaning services.

What Is Dry Cleaning?

Typically, you may use water to wash your clothes and other items to make them cleaner so that you can use them again in the future.

However, in dry cleaning, you are supposed to clean your clothing using chemical-based solvents that help remove all the dirt stains and greasy spots in one go.

How Does Dry Cleaning Work?

In regular laundry, clothes are often washed in a washing machine; you throw in your clothes, add a considerable amount of detergent and turn on the machine. Then the water will start to fill up, slowly and ultimately removing all kinds of stains. However, not all clothing materials such as suits, embellished garments, swimsuits, fur coats, etc. are washing-machine friendly and can cause a laundry room fiasco. This is where dry cleaning kicks in.

Dry cleaning doesn’t involve churning of clothes in a water-filled washing machine. On the contrary, it uses toxic or non-toxic solvents to clean all stubborn stains. Initially, petroleum was used to eliminate stains, but since it is a highly flammable substance, other safer and more reliable solvents are used today. So the dry cleaners fill the washing machine with chemical solutions that easily remove stains and give a brand-new feeling to your old clothing.

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