The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Gown Care

You’ve finally found it! The perfect wedding gown and it looks just like you always imagined it to be— long white trail with delicate lace detailing!

It’s important that you look after this exquisite dress which you’ve purchased with your hard-earned money.

We know how expensive bridal dresses can be. Follow proper care instructions and guidelines to ensure your dress lasts you a lifetime.

These tips will help you handle the dress before, after, and during the wedding ceremony.

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Hang the Dress High

As soon as the dress arrives, hang it high in your wardrobe or have it suspended from the ceiling.

Make sure the long skirt is not draped on the floor and the trail isn’t collecting dust. If the bottom material is brushing the floor, spread it out to avoid wrinkles.

Use silk cushioned hangers to hang up the dress. A plastic hanger will snap with the weight of the gown and a wooden hanger will be too harsh on the soft white material.

For added protection against dust particles, wrap it in plastic till you’re ready to slip it on.

Keep Away From Makeup and Hair Products

Don’t put on your dress until after you’re done applying makeup and styling your hair. Keep the dress neat and tidy, away from foundation spills and sticky hairspray.

Putting on the dress must be the last task on your wedding get-ready checklist.

Lastly, spray the perfume directly on your skin. You might risk leaving behind blotchy stains if you apply it to the dress directly.

Keep Cornstarch and Towels At Handwedding dress

No matter how cautiously you eat or how hard you try to prevent the wine from spilling, you can’t escape the dreaded food and drink stains.

That’s why it’s necessary to have cornstarch and towels at hand. Gently blot the stains with a cotton cloth and sprinkle cornstarch powder on top. This will work as an excellent spot treatment till you can send your dress for professional cleaning.

Elevate the Dress Train

Make sure your dress is not dragging across the floor as you walk. As an added precaution, ask your bridesmaids to carry your dress train and keep it away from grass and dirt stains.

Airtight Box

Keep your wedding gown preserved in an airtight box to protect it from mold and mildew. Don’t store it wrapped in plastic as prolonged exposure to plastic will cause the fabric to discolor and tarnish.

Get It Professionally Cleaned

Now that your wedding day is over and done with, don’t just fling your dress across the floor. You need to have it professionally cleaned before storing it in a cool, dark place.

The longer you wait to get it cleaned, the tougher the stains will get to wash out.

Don’t try to wash it at home. It will only wreck the fragile material and destroy the delicate beadwork.

We provide wedding gown preservation services to help you preserve your memories of the day you walked down the aisle.

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