4 Clothing Items That You Shouldn’t Wash At Home

Laundry day can become a prime-time soap opera, narrating a riches-to-rags story, when your highly-expensive, gorgeous dress is transformed into a tattered piece of clothing, thanks to your washing machine.
By simply accepting the fact, that some clothes are meant to be washed by professional dry cleaners, you can save yourself a lot of grief—and money.
Some clothing items require more care, than others, which is why it’s recommended that you look at the manufacturer’s guidelines, before inflicting your clothes with any kind of torture cleaning cycle.
People are often confused, as to what should be sent to the dry cleaners. We have compiled a comprehensive guideline to protect your clothes from further damage.

 Silk silk

If you don’t want to lose the glass-like smoothness and elegant fall of your gorgeous silk dress, take it to a dry cleaner. Silk is usually hand-washed with mild detergent or with wet cleaning techniques. It is a delicate fabric that can sustain damage from tough washing-machine cleaning cycle. Silk dresses are expensive; don’t wash them at home, just to save small amount of money.


In order to restore the firmness and shape of youman in suitr suit, it should always be cleaned by a dry cleaner. After a trip to the washing machine, suits turn into a lump of clothing bought from a thrift shop.
This happens because the fabric is not designed to sustain the rough conditions of a regular washing machine. Avoid ruining your power suit and dry clean it ONLY.


The world might go through an extreme fashion makeover and leather will remain in fashion. If you own a leather jacket or a dress, be aware of the additional upkeep it requires to stay glossy and hydrated. Repeatedly washing leather can result in cracks and dullness. However, taking it to a professional dry cleaner can restore its luster and let you rock a leather-look for a long time.

Synthetic Fabric Synthetic Fabric

Even when the tag says ‘machine-wash friendly’, avoid throwing synthetic fabric in a washing machine or the drier. This type of fabric needs special care and handling. You can’t just machine wash a heavily-embroidered chiffon dress. Synthetic clothing items need to be washed with mild, biodegradable detergents and little water, and only a dry cleaner can do this for you.
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