The Worst Chemicals in Laundry Detergents

The fast-paced life we live today means people have less time for things. The increase in social obligations and activities has left people with less time for their day to day chores. One of the most time consuming daily tasks is laundry. This has led to a steady rise in the use of laundry service providers.

More and more people are now sending out their soiled clothes to professional cleaners. However, they’re not aware of the dangers posed by commercial laundry services. The industrial detergents and solvents most of them use to clean clothes are not at all safe for human health.

Here are some of the chemicals found in regular laundry services:

Hydrocarbons:commercial cleaning purposesHydrocarbons are used for commercial cleaning purposes. They’re petroleum-based solvents which don’t dissolve in water. This makes them useful for removing tough stains from clothes. However, they’re also flammable under certain circumstances. This makes them hazardous in large quantities.

Glycol Ethers:

Glycol Ether is another type of solvent that is used in the commercial laundry industry. It is alkaline and not a chemical solvent. Even so, it can have adverse effects on human health. Studies have found that the E-series of Glycol Ether is significantly more toxic than the P-series. Chronic exposure is likely to cause anemia and irritation to different external organs of the human body.

Tetrachloroethylene / Perchloroethylene:

Tetrachloroethylene or Perchloroethylene, commonly known as PERC, is a colorless, non-flammable liquid. It is not just a chemical, but an actual chemical solvent for most organic materials. It is used by most dry cleaning companies to get rid of dirt and stains from fabrics. Research has discovered that PERC is a ‘Human Carcinogen’. Prolonged exposure to PERC can cause a number of health issues, the biggest one being cancer. A person can come into contact with PERC by inhaling particles from their dry cleaned clothes. The residue of PERC that’s left over in the fibers of garments can also be absorbed into the skin.

PERC is also non-biodegradable, which makes it a problematic toxin. It can seep into the ground and contaminate water reserves. With an oxidization duration of 96 days, PERC can pollute the environment for a long time after it has been disposed of. organic cleaning

The organic option:

These are just some of the chemicals currently being used in the cleaning industry. Their adverse effects have been recognized over time as people have become more health conscious. The environment is also suffering and the levels of toxicity are on the rise. However, some companies are now offering alternates. The use of organic solvents and bio-degradable detergents is being introduced by a few key players.

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