The Subtle Difference between Dry Cleaning and Laundry

Have you been using laundry and dry cleaning synonymously?  Then you’re under a misconception that these two different cleaning methods are used interchangeably. If you know the difference, you can choose a suitable solution for your dirty clothes.

Here are some basic differences between laundry and dry cleaning.

Dry cleaning

Dry cleaning eliminates the use of water in the cleaning process, and uses chemical solvents to deliver the desired results. Usually, dry cleaners use (perc) perchloroethylene, a chemical that cleans dirt and stain off of the clothes.

laundryClothes that are made of thick fabric are recommended to be cleaned by the dry cleaners. Fabrics that are too heavy for the machine such as, carpets, rugs and curtains can also be cleaned. Dust and stains are pre-treated with perchloroethylene, and then dried in a machine.


Laundry is your conventional style of washing clothes. It uses detergent, bleach, fabric softener to clean dirty clothes. This universal style of washing is offered by many laundry service providers and can also be performed at home.  

Laundry V/S Dry Cleaning

As the name suggests dry cleaning is without water. Dry cleaning uses a chemical to clean stains and dirt, whereas, laundry make use of water. Detergent, soaps, bleach, and softeners are used to remove stains in laundry process; but in dry cleaning stains, are pre-treated with a chemical called perc.

These days, organic dry cleaning products are used to provide better and lasting treatment, while keeping the environment green. The colors and texture of the fabric can be maintained using these organic solvents.  

A tumbling process follows after the fabric has been treated with the chemical. The solvents are removed and recycled in this process using a special machine. Laundry depends upon the agitation provided by the washing machine to clean stains and dirt. Water and detergent work together to provide desired cleaning during this tumbling process.  

Laundry clothes are dried using a spinning process, which follows further drying in a dryer or manual air drying. In dry cleaning drying machines are used to eliminate moisture from the clothes.Organic Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning is a faster process with shorter drying time. Clothes that are washed in laundry require a longer drying time, as they are soaked in water. Dry cleaning ensures that the material is maintained and not damaged during the cleaning process.

As dry cleaning doesn’t use detergent or water, it is not recommended to be used for extremely soiled clothes. Dust particles and odor infuses into the fabric, and laundry provides the right amount of agitation to get rid of the satins and smell.

Lastly, you can wash all types of fabrics and material with dry cleaning, but same can’t be said about laundry.

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