Dry Cleaning: Better than Washing Machines

The traditional cleaning practice that takes place in washing machines uses detergent or soap with a dryer which can be harmful to your clothes. Delicate fabric can suffer under such harsh treatment. Affordable dry cleaning in NYC has been designed to efficiently clean any dirt and stains from clothing and other articles. It is also more comprehensive and wastes no water to fight stains.

While both processes have their own advantages, dry cleaning has definitely noted to be better for clothing than conventional washing machines.

Advantages of Affordable Dry Cleaning In NYC

The dry cleaning process dates back to Ancient Rome and has evolved to clean clothing without causing any damage. There are many advantages of using dry cleaning rather than heavy, harsher washing machines.

Soft Process

Dry cleaning is a soft washing process when compared to the conventional method of washing clothes in the machine. The rotation in the dry cleaning drum is milder when compared to the abrasive, harsh washing machine. It also uses a limited amount of solvent and water which protects the clothing during the wash. This is especially better for delicate or expensive fabrics, which can become damaged in the washing machine

Clothing Preservation

Affordable dry cleaning in NYC is also the best way to maintain the new appearance of clothing. It doesn’t shrink the fabric and maintains the vibrancy of the color. The texture of the fabric is often compromised in the washing machine since the rotation can wear out the clothing quite easily. It is better to opt for dry cleaning since it can increase the lifespan of your clothes.

Deep Cleaning

Dry cleaning also has the ability to deep clean the fabric so that any tough stains and soils are removed from the cloth. It can dissolve any traces of grease or oil from the fabric as well, which is actually pretty hard to do in the washing machine. The cleaning process of dry cleaning is thorough that the material emerges looking new.

Finished Appearance

After the washing machine process and drying, clothes come out looking wrinkled and rumpled. They have to go through further harsh heat and ironing treatment. Through dry cleaning, the clothes come out clean, fresh, and crisp. The process is quicker since they don’t need the extra ironing.

Modern, affordable dry cleaning in NYC is safer for your clothes since it uses a natural organic formula to clean your clothes. NY Organic Dry Cleaners are the best option for your clothing.