Tailor Fit – Smart Dressing with Expert Tailoring

The term “tailor-fit” is not a random word thrown around in the clothing and fashion industry. It has developed into a professional jargon by those who understood the importance of tailoring clothes to bring out their best look on You!

Just how important it is to wear a clean and crisp, carefully ironed shirt for a job interview, it is equally crucial to dedicate few joules of energy on the fitting. A badly fitted shirt picked from the highest rack of a top brand may just look bad and unimpressive.
We at NY Organic Dry Cleaners serve the best combo of smelling nice and stitched wise!
Imagine all those bucks spent in buying a new jacket going down the drain when someone calls it a hand-me-down?
Here are some notes on how to rock that dress just like the mannequin.

Dressing Room

The time spent in the dressing room of a boutique is crucial for your initial assessment of a dress and its tailoring. There are a few things you should fundamentally look for when buying a dress:
  • The garment shouldn’t ideally stretch over your body (bust, thighs, hips, or stomach). There should be some space to let the garment adjust comfortably on your curves and crevices.
  • Trousers or pants shouldn’t be too fitted from the hip or crotch area such that they cause stretch marks and discomfort while walking or sitting.
  • The shoulder padding of a blazer should be just hugging your structure; not squeezing you arms and shoulders. Arms should be free to move in a blazer.
  • Pants shouldn’t also be saggy from the back. Anything between stretch marks and sagging folds should be good.
  • Pants can either be a straight-fit or taper toward the end to fall around your calves better. But anything other than that is a bad choice.
  • Pants should also not be too long to fall in folds and creases near the ankle.
  • Silk blouses shouldn’t be too tight on the torso because without seamless lingerie, traces of the undergarment become prominent making it tacky.

Alterationswedding dress tailored fit

There should be no hesitation when it comes to getting even the most expensive of garments altered.
Clothes available in boutiques are stitched to fit an average body size in order to cater to a large customer base. Their motives are commercial not aesthetic, remember that!
Getting your dress hemmed an inch shorter or a jacket reduced a little from the sides can make you look from just perfect to absolutely perfect!
Would it amaze you if your dry cleaners cleaned your clothes of not just the odor and stains but also the extra bit of fabric making them look drab?
Yes, at NY Organic Dry Cleaners we also snip clean the saggy parts and alter to perfection. We also offer custom dry cleaning services in Queens, along with laundry, and pick and drop. Let us tailor and deliver the ideal wear at your doorstep!