Wardrobe Malfunction that Can Ruin Your Day!

Wardrobe malfunctions can happen anytime, anywhere. You could be watching TV in your bed when a button pops off your shirt or your wedding dress could decide to become too tight or too loose on your wedding day. Even with the most expensive and sharpest clothes, you’re never completely safe!

So we’ve decided to embrace wardrobe malfunctions—that can ruin your day otherwise—by finding easy hacks to deal with them.

The Most Common Wardrobe Malfunctions

Let’s take a look at the most common wardrobe malfunctions that are an everyday occurrence for most people:

  • Broken Button: Older shirts are especially prone to having loose buttons that can fall off—unnoticed—and cause you embarrassment.
  • Broken Zipper: Jeans are the preferred choice of clothing for most people in casual settings, so broken zippers are fairly common; they can ruin your whole outfit, not to mention, your whole day.
  • Ripped Stitching: That couple of extra pounds you gained last week might not go down well with your fitted suit or favorite dress, and the result will be tears and rips in the stitching.
  • Static Skirt: Through no fault of your own, you may find that your skirt is less than modest when you go out because it starts sticking to your legs.
  • Badly Fitting Shoes: Swelling or blisters can make certain footwear difficult to carry throughout the day, making you uncomfortable and hurt.
  • Visible Undergarment:  Unless you’re going for a see-through look, a visible bra strap or panty liner is one of the biggest culprits that can ruin an extremely cute dress.

Dealing with a Wardrobe Malfunction

On an average day, dealing with small wardrobe malfunctions is easy. On an important day, though—like when you have a work meeting or are going to a fancy party—it can be impossible. Being prepared for these small disasters is far better than making a trip back home or changing into a new outfit.

We recommend that you keep a small emergency kit at all times; a sewing needle, a neutral colored thread, and a few hooks and buttons should be able to fix most problems.


Avoiding Wardrobe Malfunctions

If you just got a new dress or footwear and you’re putting it on the first time, try it at home first. Fittings don’t matter unless you spend a few minutes walking and strutting around in your new look. This will give you an idea of what to expect and how to deal with it.

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Pro tip: If you’ve ever felt embarrassed due to a wardrobe malfunction, check out these celebrities who had to deal with it in front of tens of cameras and millions of people. We assure you that this will give you a confidence boost and you can laugh off your malfunction without making it a big deal.