Preparing Clothes and Linens for the Dry Cleaners

Dry cleaning services are necessary for certain fabrics. It’s a gentle cleaning process that doesn’t disturb the fibers of the fabric, preserving its present condition. That’s the reason why dry cleaning is recommended for suits, expensive dresses, embellished pieces, woolen sweaters, cashmere, and designer wear. However, just putting your expensive clothes in the hands of professionals isn’t enough; you need to prepare your clothes and linens for the dry cleaners. These steps minimize risks during the dry cleaning process.

Just a bit of attention is all you need when preparing your clothes for the dry cleaners.

Check the tags

Every article of clothing has its own cleaning instructions on the tag. Follow the instructions for the best results. If a certain article of clothing must only be dry cleaned, make sure water doesn’t get onto it and make sure you don’t give it in for washing.

Empty out all the pockets

Don’t forget to empty out all your pockets when sending in your clothes to the dry cleaner. While it’s a part of our process to remove anything found in the pockets, it’s best if you do it. You could end up losing money or important papers if you don’t.

Remove any pet fur that’s got onto it

If you own a cat or dog that sheds, you know the struggle of trying to keep your home and yourself free from their hair. Even your expensive clothes are bound to have hair on them. Before giving your clothes in for dry cleaning, try removing as much of the pet hair as possible before giving in your clothes to the laundry service.

Point out stains that require more attention

While dry cleaning is a super effective way to clean clothes, certain stains are stubborn and require more effort. When sending in clothes for dry cleaning, label the areas that have stubborn stains so that our employees can pay special attention to the area.

Label the clothes clearly

If you’re giving in many clothes at once to the laundry service, make sure you’re clear about the ones you want laundered and the ones you want dry cleaned. Put the clothes that require dry cleaning in a separate bag with a visible label and put the ones that need to be washed and folded in another.

Have your clothes dry cleaned well in advance

A major issue that arises with customers is that they have their clothes dry cleaned too late. They expect us to get their clothes ready just in time for their event or special occasion which puts a lot of pressure on our workers. We always recommend clients to have their expensive clothes sent off to the dry cleaners’ dry cleaned as soon as they’re done wearing them. That way they can keep it covered in their wardrobe, ready to wear any time.

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