Mythbusting: Dry Cleaning Edition

“I think I can do it myself” can turn into a dry cleaner’s worst nightmare. Experimenting with stains can lead to disastrous results, which in return, makes dry cleaning a far more difficult process. Reading DIY articles online and squeezing lemon over the stain may cause damage that even a dry-cleaning company can’t repair.
Here are some dry-cleaning myths debunked for your clothes safety.

Club soda is the magic ingredient

Won’t all the cleaners be out-of-business, if club soda was the real cleaning hero? Dry cleaners use special cleaning agents and pre-treat stains to free the fabric of stains and grime. Along with this, special machines like tumblers and dryers are used to maintain the aesthetics of the clothes.
If you are still pouring soda over a stain, stop. Soda causes more damage to the fabric. Dab the stain with a towel or napkin and take it to the dry cleaners instead.

The dry cleaner’s plastic bag shouldn’t be removed

Well, this misconception is widely popular among people. Majority believes that the plastic bag is to prevent dust and dirt from settling into the clothes after the wash, whereas, that’s not the case.
Dry cleaners wrap cleaned clothes in plastic bags to prevent them from getting splashed. The bag should be removed after delivery of clothes from the dry cleaner. Leaving clothes in the bag, traps cleaning agent’s odor and humidity in your clothes and may even cause some stains to oxide. So, free your clothes off those bags.

The pink tax in dry cleaning

Dry cleaners don’t intentionally charge more for women clothing. The cost of cleaning women clothes is higher because of the nature and size of fabric.
As female clothes are smaller in size, standard pressing machines can’t be used, which means women’s clothes are pressed manually. Moreover, clothes that are delicate or embellished require gentler hand washing. Tasks that are performed manually increase labor cost, resulting in higher prices.

Dry cleaning makes suits shine

Dry cleaning a suit frequently doesn’t make it shiny. Repeating the same suits for consecutive days causes friction that causes the suit to shine.
In reality, it helps maintain the structural integrity of your suit and provides it a cleaner overall look.

Dry cleaning ruins your clothessuits dry cleaning

Dry cleaning does nothing, except cleaning your clothes.
Truth be told, some clothes are better off when left to the dry cleaners. It maintains the natural size of the fabric and prevents color loss. The agitation mechanism of your washing machine weakens the fabric over time and makes it prone to wear and tear. Dry cleaned clothes tend to fare better in the long run.
Moreover, natural fibers like silk and wool don’t fare well with water. These types of fabrics are dry-clean only.
Now that you know the ins and outs of dry cleaning, avoid falling into the trap of these misconceptions.
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