Laundry Myths Debunked

Cleaning your clothes isn’t just a chore. It’s an art—an art of maintaining them in the best way possible while preventing any damage and reversing the damage caused by stains.

There are plenty of detergents and fabric liquids out there and it can be a minefield. Certain products are harsh on the fibers, causing them to fray, and weaken over time. However, there are many myths out there regarding laundry that’s preventing you from getting the best results:

Myth #1: Club soda is the best stain remover out there

Most people swear by club soda. They believe it removes stains unlike any other remedy. The bubbles in the soda are said to agitate the fibers, forcing it to release the stain from the fibers. The salt in the soda is believed to absorb and remove the stains better than with water.

However, the movement we anticipate by the bubbles isn’t enough to help remove the stain. The only truth in this is that wetting a stain prevents it from setting in permanently. It doesn’t matter whether you use still or sparkling water for the job.

Myth #2: Dry cleaning means no liquids are used

Dry cleaning has been around for ages. It is generally reserved for more expensive articles of clothing or those that are quite fragile and cannot take a gentle wash in the washing machine.

While it’s true that dry cleaning doesn’t involve water, it doesn’t mean your clothes don’t get wet in the process. Special solvents are used known as perchloroethylene. This chemical is thinner than water and hence is gentle but effective at removing stains since it doesn’t disrupt the fibers.

Myth #3: More detergent, the cleaner the clothes

Most dry cleaners will admit that this isn’t a myth as much it is a problem to deal with. Most of our clients tend to use way too much detergent when washing their clothes in the hope that they become cleaner. The issue with this logic is that it ignores how detergents really work.

Detergents are actually solvents. It mixes with the dirt to remove it from the fibers. Washing machines are designed to take a certain percentage of detergent and then wash it out. Using too much detergent only means that detergent is left behind in your clothes, causing it to be sticky, stiff, or even resinous. Make sure you’re only using the recommended amount of detergent when washing your clothes.


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