Hidden Benefits of Hiring Laundry Services

Let’s admit it; the last thing you want to do when you come home after a long day at work is do the laundry. It can be exhausting and this is why laundry services exist. There is nothing like having your dirty laundry picked up from home, cleaned and pressed, and returned to your nicely packed—it smells great too!

But that’s not all there is to laundry services. Here are some more benefits of hiring a reliable laundry service:

Saves Time

laundry washing
A study conducted on the amount of time people spend on doing laundry and other household chores concluded that women spend more than 90 minutes on these tasks whereas men spend more than 30.
The biggest difference was in laundry times where women spent four times more time than men; that’s 560 hours spent every year on doing chores!
Hiring professional cleaners helps you save all that time.

Peace of Mind

Doing the laundry yourself often has unexpected and disappointing results. It’s a chore we often rush through and the consequences are discolored pants, shrunken shirts and weird stains that were never there in the first place.
But that’s not the case when you choose professional laundry services. These guys pay special attention to the type of clothes and make sure that they are washed according to the instructions mentioned on the care labels.

No Environment Damage

Many people don’t know this but detergents and other laundry products like fabric softeners consist of harmful and toxic chemicals which lead to several health problems including respiratory diseases and even cancer.
Furthermore, these laundry products also damage the environment. This is why it’s a better option to rely on services of professional dry cleaners that use green cleaning products. Companies like NY Organic Dry Cleaners, offer organic dry cleaning services.
Unlike traditional dry cleaning methods, organic dry cleaning revolves around the use of carbon-based solvents. These solvents don’t adversely affect your health and neither do they cause damage to the environment.
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