Tips for Doing Your Laundry the First Time

Living away from your family is hard enough. But living independently throws a lot of other life-hurdles your way. From preparing food to paying bills and cleaning, there’s an innumerable number of chores that make you miserable by day’s end.

Doing laundry is overwhelming for first-timers. Maybe you’re scared of your favorite shirt becoming an irreparable shade of pink or losing a sock while drying your clothes.

Whatever the reason, here are a few eco-friendly tips that can come handy during your first time doing laundry.


Remember when your mom used to separate your clothes before washing them? There was an important reason for that! When washed, clothes with deep-colored dyes tend to ‘bleed,’ spoiling lighter clothes that are mixed in with them.

Sort your clothes according to their color, fabric type, and weight. To avoid damage being caused to your clothes, wash all dark colored clothes separately from the lights.

Pre-treat Stains

Stains that are too stubborn to come off should be treated before washing. There are various methods to treat heavily stained clothes, such as pouring detergent on the stain and rubbing it with a soft-bristled brush or soaking the garment for in water and detergent for 30 minutes.

Check care labels

Since different materials have different laundry requirements, it’s essential to read the labels carefully prior to washing. These symbols tell you about the specific temperature to keep an article of clothing, how to dry it, iron it, or even whether they need to hand-washed or dry-cleaned.


Even a slightly damp cloth can give rise to mildew and start to smell. Make sure to dry all your clothes completely before putting them away. Stuffing all your clothes in the dryer can also hinder the drying process.


Dread ironing clothes? If you don’t have the time to iron or simply don’t like the chore, get into the habit of folding the clothes once they’re dry. This helps reduce wrinkles and saves you from the hassle of ironing if you’re ever late for work.

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