Laundry 101: What Causes Clothes To Fade?

The clothes you wear reflect your personal style, personality and emotions. Whether you prefer chic, minimal, or sophisticated attire, clean, crisp and fresh clothes make a great first impression.

To keep your clothes looking good as new, it is important to wash them carefully. While washing clothes is probably something you do every day without much thought, the process isn’t as simple as it seems. It is common for clothes to fade.

To ensure your clothes look bright and new, you need to understand the factors that cause fading:



Conventional washing detergents contain harsh ingredients, such as bleach. Although bleach works well for removing tough stains and spots, it can be harsh for certain fabrics.


Water temperature affects your clothes. Hot water breaks downs fibers and releases dye quickly. In addition to temperature, the quality of water is another significant factor affecting colors.

Majority of American households use hard water for washing clothes. Hard water comprises large amounts of magnesium and calcium, which can make clothes appear dull and dry.

Similarly, another problem with using tap water is that it contains chlorine. Chlorine is used to eliminate bacteria from water. But, chlorine can release the color out of your clothes.

What you need to do ..

Use these tips to prevent your clothes from fading:

  • Before doing your laundry, separate items by color. For example, all the dark articles are washed together, the whites with whites, etc. If a darker item releases dye, this will prevent the lighter items from getting stained.
  • As mentioned earlier, warm and hot water encourages dye loss. It is a good idea to wash clothes in cold water. Also, if you get hard water at your place, you may want to invest in a water softener for chlorine removal. Generally speaking, cleaning detergents work better in soft water.
  • Use organic detergent for your laundry. Organic detergents are relatively safer than conventional detergents with bleach. They do not contain toxic chemicals and are safe for your health and the environment.

These tips will leave your clothes cleaner, fresher and softer! If you are searching for professional laundry in your area, contact us.

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