How To Eliminate Odor Without Washing Clothes Regularly?

Repeated washing cycles take a toll on your clothes. The washing machine rotates and stretches your clothes in order to provide the squeaky clean results we love. This cleaning method may work for your cotton t-shirts, but delicate fabrics and heavily-colored clothes require special care.

Rebasket with laundrypeat washing dulls down your fabric’s color and shine. Over time, it eventually loses its structural integrity. Since your washing machine is far from being gentle, here are some tricks to keep your clothes odor-free, without the need of regular wash.


Fabrics have the tendency to trap smells, smoke and dust particles. Before hanging your clothes in the closet for reuse, air-dry them for a good 20-30 minutes.
Clothes can be ventilated by hanging them on a drying line, a sun room, or near a fan. Use a hanger to maintain the shape of clothes.
When using drying lines, be careful of sun exposure. Choosing a drying spot around plants might be better for your clothes. Plants soak up dying chemicals lingering on your clothes and keep your outfits toxin-free.

A shot of vodka can help with the smell

In a proportion of 4:6, mix water and vodka in a spray bottle and put it aside for later use. Treat your already worn clothes with this mixture. Keep a safe distance, when spraying the mixture directly on to the clothes. It’s better to test the inside seam beforehand, to check if it causes spots or discoloration. Vodka absorbs odor and bacteria, when it dries off your clothes and keeps your clothes nice and fresh.

blue jeans

Cold treatment

Sweat contains bacteria, and when bacteria accumulate on a fabric, it starts to smell. Cold temperature is an effective way to kill bacteria. Instead of air-drying your clothes in the outdoors, hang them in front of the air conditioner.

Scent it

Spray a nice natural scent, after ventilating your clothes. You can also place aromatic freshener in your closet to prevent any kind of odor.
Keep in mind, washing clothes can’t be delayed for a long time. After a while your clothes will get dirty and will require cleaning. To save your clothes from the tough-love of washing machine, take them to NY Organic Dry Cleaners, in Queens, NY. We provide the right amount of pampering, care and cleaning to all type of clothes.
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