How Organic Dry Cleaning Actually Works: It’s Not What You Thought

organic dry cleaningYou may have caught a whiff on your recently delivered clothes that you sent for dry cleaning; or when you walk past the detergent isle in a superstore.
Detergents and other cleaning agents are full of harmful chemicals. From loading the washer to drying your sheets, more than one toxin is released in the environment. Detergents, machines, and dryer have a detrimental impact on the environment. The chemical odor lingers on the clothes after the wash and the damaging impact it has on your health and environment is something you SHOULD be concerned about.
A survey indicated around 35,000 dry cleaners use PERC to clean clothes.

What is PERC?

PERC is categorized as a VOC (volatile organic compound) that is hazardous to the environment and your health. It’s colorless in nature and has sweet odor, similar to ether. This non-flammable liquid is an excellent cleaning agent, but can be lethal.
Exposure to small quantity of PERC can cause nausea, irritation in eyes, nose and skin, dizziness, and head ache.
With high exposure chances of cancer cell development, liver, and kidney damage increases.
PERC residue on your clothes can make you susceptible to many diseases. Dry cleaners using this cleaning agent put their workers, customers, and the environment at risk. It’s high time you start opting for environment-friendly cleaning options available in the market.
Organic dry-cleaning provides a safer and greener cleaning solution. Learn how it works benefits the environment.

Organic dry-cleaning organic dry cleaners

Organic cleaning is free of toxins and uses cleaning processes that have little or no impact on the environment. Carbon dioxide cleaning and professional wet cleaning are two eco-friendly cleaning processes that most of the organic dry-cleaning services use.

Liquid carbon dioxide cleaning

Instead of using PERC, CO2 and other safe cleaning solutions are used. Carbon dioxide is a natural occurring gas that liquefies with pressure. This makes it a very powerful cleaning agent that is non-toxic in nature.
CO2 can be reused and stored in containers, when dry-cleaning is completed. Although the machinery and storage facility required for CO2 cleaning is expensive, the results and elimination of disposal process makes it ideal for cleaners. Moreover, it also limits regulations that are enforced on PERC users.

Professional wet cleaning

This cleaning process uses special detergents and water. Clothes are loaded in a machine that spins for few minutes, and gently cleans the clothes. The stains are treated according to their pH level, saving time and energy. Professional wet cleaning is considered more energy efficient and also tends to save more water.
Making a switch to organic dry-cleaning is easy and effortless. Just schedule a laundry pick up with NY Organic Dry Cleaners. We’re committed to offering our customers a green and clean washing experience.