The Numerous Benefits of Organic Dry Cleaning

organic dry cleanigVisit a department store and you will be bombarded with plethora of detergents, bleach and fabric softeners. But are they safe for use?

Even reading the chemical composition of your detergent won’t resolve your queries, as manufactures don’t fully disclose their formula. This exposes you, your clothes, and the environment to numerous volatile organic compounds.

Organic dry-cleaning is a simple and effective solution to all your chemical woes. It uses professional wet cleaning and liquid CO2 cleaning that are free of toxic elements. These cleaning methods are safe and eco-friendly and considerably reduce the energy and water consumption in the cleaning process.

Professional wet cleaning uses special toxin-free detergents, water, and a slow spinning machine to gently clean dust and grime. Pressure is used to liquefy CO2, which performs the job of an excellent cleaning agent. The carbon dioxide used can be reused by storing it after the washing cycle.

By opting for organic dry-cleaning, you:

Reduce Health risks

Organic cleaning is free of VOCs which reduces health risk associated with PERC exposure. Clothes treated with PERC can cause irritation on skin, eyes and nose and headaches.

With high levels of exposure, chance of cancer, kidney / lung damage increases. Organic dry-cleaning doesn’t leave harmful chemical residue on your clothes or releases them in the environment.

Maintain fabric condition

Treating clothes repeatedly with chemical can damage fabric’s aesthetic. A yellow-look is common among garments that are frequently treated with PERC.

Organic dry-cleaning uses mild detergents or pressurized gas to clean clothes, maintaining the color and quality of the fabric.

Manage Stains better Organic Dry Cleaning Stain Removal

Traditionally dry-cleaned clothes are packed in bags. People often leave their clothes in these plastic bags, which traps humidity and PERC residue inside the fabric. Combination of moisture and PERC kickstarts the oxidation process of the treated stains, making them prominent. Chances of such incidence are eliminated in organic cleaning as it’s free of PERC.

Moreover, some stains are treated more efficiently with wet cleaning, than traditional dry cleaning.

Ground water contamination

PERC released in the environment, during and after the dry-cleaning process makes its way to ground water level. Contaminated water consumed by wild-life and plants increases the toxin levels in the eco-system. Eventually, toxic elements make the ground water unfit for use.

Reduce cleaning waste

CO2 cleaning eliminates wastage, as the same gas can be used for other cleaning cycles. Carbon dioxide is stored in containers and recycled for other cleaning cycles. The only waste created during this process is the dust and stain residue.

Saves water and energy

Wet cleaning uses less water and has a short spinning time, which means it uses less energy and water compared to conventional cleaning methods.

On the other hand, CO2 cleaning uses no water at all. CO2 cleaning uses pressurized carbon dioxide that evaporates within few minutes of contact. This eliminates the need of drying process, saving energy.

Switch to organic dry-cleaning. Schedule a laundry pick-up with NY Organic Dry Cleaners. We’re committed to offering our customers with a green and clean washing experience.