How Often Do My Clothes Need Dry Cleaning?

Though you never really have to think about washing your clothes, the question of “how often” certainly springs to mind when dry cleaning is involved.

Dry cleaning is mainly used for more expensive clothes or ones that require a gentle cleanse. Generally, suits, dresses, wedding dresses, and leather items are given in for dry cleaning.

Since dry cleaning is slightly pricier than doing laundry on your own, it’s good to have a definitive answer on how many times a month or year your clothes need dry cleaning.

Formal suits and business suits


Suits never really come in direct contact with the skin. Since it’s outerwear, it can last much longer without dry cleaning. They definitely don’t need to be dry cleaned after every wear.

However, there is a difference between formal and business suits. Business suits are worn more often as you have to wear them to work. Formal suits, on the other hand, are more expensive and only worn to black-tie events and weddings.

Business suits should be given for dry cleaning after 4 or 5 wears, while a formal suit should be cleaned after every wear. If you haven’t worn your formal suit in a while, make sure it’s dry cleaned once a season.

Skirts, dresses, pants

Skirts, dresses, and dress pants that are required for work need to be in pristine condition at all times. Such items are made of good-quality fabric that’s also stain-repellant, so you might not have to take them in for a dry clean so often. Every 5 to 6 wears is more than enough.

Formal dresses like prom dresses, designer wear, and wedding dresses, on the other hand, are more fragile. Any stains on these pieces need to be addressed immediately. You should get them dry cleaned after every wear.

Blouses and button-down shirts

Shirts and blouses fit close to the body so the sweat and oils from our skin get on it much quicker. Our sweat contains urea, which leaves a yellow stain behind on the clothes. If it’s not cleaned well, these stains will eventually ruin the shirt and you won’t be able to wear it again. Such items of clothing need to be dry cleaned more frequently. Choose a service that irons and folds them professionally and takes care of all the creases so that your clothing items stay in the best shape.

Make sure your button-down shirts are dry cleaned after every 3 to 4 wears. White shirts require more care.

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