Tips To Preserve Stainless Memories Of Your Wedding Day

Preserving your wedding dress should be no less of a commitment than the wedding vows you take!
The ensemble that made you feel like royalty walking down the aisle toward the altar deserves to be treated as specially as it made you feel that day.
Even though a trail of the pearly white fabric is a must for a bride, it undoubtedly leaves dirt stains across the hem. Memorable moments of toasting to your favorites on the dinner table with wine glasses may also leave some unwanted memories.
Here are a few tips to preserving your wedding dress without stains.

1. Customized Cleaning

Dumping your wedding dress in the hands of a regular dry cleaner is surely going to leave it in shreds! A wedding dress is made from very delicate and expensive fabric which needs to be handled with immense care.
Caution should be taken while assessing the fabric for its delicacy and resistance to wash. The embroidery or bead-work should be examined in great detail to avoid any fading or tearing. It is imperative to find a dry cleaner who uses only virgin solvents during dry cleaning and not any other solvent because that would leave an unpleasant smell lingering on the dress.
NY Organic Dry Cleaners only use organic substances and specialize in providing cleaning services for wedding dresses.

2. Hidden Culprits

While it is easier to spot and clean bold stains, it is almost impossible to locate the invisible ones with an untrained eye.champagne glasses
Experts have the skillset to even pick on the latent stains. These are usually caused by the spillage of white wine which dries to an invisible white but with time, the sugar caramelizes into brown spots.
Professionals specialize in spotting these hidden culprits which could range from white wine, to greying hems and even foundation smudges.

3. Labels

Every fancy dress usually has dry cleaning, laundering and ironing instructions written on the label. For instance, your dress might ask for a dry clean from a specific kind of solvent. Make sure to ask your dry cleaners beforehand about this and instruct them to follow the guidelines.

4. Test of Time

Do not test the stubbornness of your stains by delaying getting a professional service for your wedding dress. Stains usually set deeper into the weave of the fabric with time and as in the case of invisible stains, they might start to gain color. Therefore, it is advised to get your dress treated immediately after the event to avoid permanent damage to its finesse.

5. Seal the Dealbeautiful wedding gown

As extravagantly as they are worn, the same degree of care and precision is required in storing them. Wedding dresses cannot be stored in open packaging because oxidation leads to discoloration and yellowing of the fabric. It is crucial to store them in airtight boxes filled with nitrogen instead of oxygen.
If taken out for whichever purpose, it is mandatory to get them sealed the same way again. Before sealing, the dresses are also wrapped in muslin just as delicately as ancient pieces in the museum. Care should be taken to wear clean white gloves before touching the dress to avoid leaving dirty fingerprints.
NY Organic Dry Cleaners offers an extensive range of organic dry cleaning and laundry services along with the added benefit of door-to-door pick and drop. Currently based in Rego Park, NY, we are available round the clock to answer any queries or arrange a pick up from your place.
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