How Is Organic Dry Cleaning Different From Normal Dry Cleaning?

Back in 2008, a team of researchers working at the University of Washington discovered the presence of toxic chemicals in laundry products.

Naturally, it created a huge controversy and since then people have turned to more environmentally friendly products to meet their needs. This has also resulted in an increase in popularity of organic dry-cleaning.

Dry Cleaning

The process involves use of chemical solvents instead of water to wash the clothes hence the name ‘dry-cleaning’.

The clothes are soaked in chemicals like liquid silicone and hydrocarbons in order to remove the stains.

The problem is that many of these chemicals are hazardous to health. For example, perchloroethylene is a commonly used chemical in the process and research has shown that it leads to diseases like cancer.

Also known as ‘perc’, this is a non-flammable toxic chemical, which is known for its distinctive sweet smell. In addition to dry-cleaning, it’s also used for additional purposes which include de-greasing metals and paint stripping.

Organic Dry-Cleaning

dry cleaning

Organic dry cleaning is a process of dry-cleaning clothes without using perchloroethylene. Instead, companies use carbon based solvents, which include carbon dioxide and hydrocarbon. These substances are non-toxic and environment friendly.

Carbon is converted into liquid form and is used for washing clothes. Once the process is over, the compound is converted back into gas.

The thing is, the conventional dry-cleaning industry is not properly regulated and it lacks proper safety procedures.

That’s not the case with the organic dry cleaning industry where companies take complete responsibility for all of their products and use sophisticated procedures, which ensure that the environment is not damaged.  

Furthermore, organic dry-cleaning techniques also use less water and energy.

 NY Organic Dry Cleaners

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