A Guide to Packing Vacation Formals

Going to another city to attend a formal business event or a wedding is challenging, especially because you need to ensure that all your expensive and delicate clothing stays in mint condition throughout.

Any wrinkles or rips will not only ruin your event, but will also necessitate the need for spares, which is counterproductive if you’re aiming for minimalistic packing.


Here are some tips on what to bring and the best way to pack it!

Limit Yourself to One Pair of Formal Shoes

If you’re just traveling with a carry-on, it’s imperative pack minimally. This means that you need to apply the one-shoe, one-clutch rule. Pick a neutral color for your clutch and heels and pair it up with multiple items of clothing.

In terms of color, metallics and nudes are usually well-suited to most items of clothing for women. For men, a pair of brown or black leather brogues will do well.

Mix and Match

If you’re packing sparsely, a very good tip is to mix and match formal clothing with casual clothing. This will produce a whole new outfit for the remaining days of your trip and save space for another day’s clothing.

For instance, a dressy blouse with jeans and flats works beautifully as a casual outfit. Men can always pair a formal shirt they wear underneath their blazer with a pair of faded jeans and casual slip-ons to finish the look.

Invest in a Garment Bag!

If you plan on using a garment bag to pack your formals, then consider that this in counts as a carry-on. This means that you will not be able to carry a travel pillow or any books.

This situation can be fixed with the help of a multifunctional traveling bag, which has additional space to accommodate a garment bag. This will not only keep your clothes wrinkle-free and safe, but will also allow you to carry other personal items you need.

Pack with Care

One of the biggest packing challenges is folding. If you don’t wish to carry a garment bag and can’t arrange one with built-in space like the one we mentioned before, you can always fold them. However, you need to have a good technique to minimize wrinkles.

At the end of the holiday, you will have a bundle full of dirty clothing which will need cleaning. And laundry is probably the last thing you’d wish to concern yourself with and the great news is that you don’t need to!

Just pick up your phone and dial 718-459-7770 and we will pick your formals up round the clock from anywhere across New York and restore them back to normal!