How Does Dry Cleaning Keep Viruses And Germs Away From Your Clothes?

Each one of us has a civic responsibility during the ongoing pandemic. This pandemic, which seems to be lasting forever, can only be controlled if we take precautions at an individual level.

It’s more important than ever to keep yourself and your family safe, and that includes keeping germs, bacteria, and viruses from making their way into your home—whether it’s through your shoes or grocery items.


If you’re used to dumping all your clothes into a washing machine and letting the detergent do its magic, you aren’t doing enough. You’ll have to go the extra mile by dry cleaning all the clothes that require it.

Does dry cleaning stop the virus? Let’s find out:

Hot Water

Hot water can kill most bacteria and viruses. On the other hand, freezing temperatures merely make them dormant till thawed. According to Insider, most bacteria can survive temperatures ranging from 40 to 140° Fahrenheit.

Hence, when hiring a dry cleaning service, ask them about the temperature they keep their water at. It shouldn’t be below 150 degrees.

Soap And Mechanical Action

This is similar to washing your hands for 20 seconds to kill the virus. Dry cleaning machines tumble and wash your clothes using mechanical actions and soap that effectively deal with the virus.

The surfactants in soaps can remove bacteria and viruses from your clothes, which then get washed away in the drain.


If, for some reason, your clothes can’t tolerate high temperatures, cold water can do an effective job if used right.

During dry cleaning processes, supplementary organic disinfectants such as hydrogen peroxide can be used to kill any pathogens. A cold wash and organic disinfectants will make sure your clothes are free from viruses and bacteria even when hot water can’t be used.

Drying At High Temperatures

Dry cleaning involves a heat pressing procedure at 220° Fahrenheit, which is high enough to kill all bacteria and viruses. If some of these nasty beings managed to escape all of the above steps, the drying process will effectively take care of them.


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