Some Ways to Prevent Your Clothes from Creasing Up!

We’ve all experienced the glee of starting off our day on the right foot with perfectly ironed, crisp clothes. However, by the time it’s lunch hour, you find a creased up, wrinkled shirt hanging off you. The struggle really is real.

Getting creases in your trousers, shirts, or dresses is far too common. It almost seems like no matter how hard you try to keep your clothes looking ironed and fresh, it only takes a few hours for them to get creased up again.

But all that can change now. Because fortunately, there are some ways to prevent your clothes from creasing up!

Let us elaborate:

Wear your clothes when they’re completely dry

To avoid having your ironed clothes crease up easily, you have to wear them when they are completely dry. This is because fabrics tend to crease easily when they’re warm or damp.

Leave them to cool down under room temperature. Moreover, try to keep away from activity that will cause you to sweat during the day—as this will make your clothes crease up as well.

Iron them properly

In order to have your clothes last you the entire day, it’s essential for you to iron them properly.

Iron them inside-out carefully along all the seam lines. This helps to reduce creases. However, make sure you find out what heat temperature is needed for your fabric, as they may vary for each type.

For daily wear, it’s recommended that you use stiffer fabrics that don’t crease easily—polyester is a great option.

Use the right products

In order to get rid of your creases quickly, consider buying an efficient wrinkle-releasing spray. Gently spray the product on your clothing item and use your hands to eliminate any creases present.

Another DIY tip would be to use blow dryers. Simply hold the dryer toward the crease until it fixes it and smoothes out your clothes. It’s recommended that you hold it at least ten inches away and keep the heat on low temperature. Moreover, avoid blow-drying your clothes in the same spot as this can make them burn.

Avoid exerting pressure on clothes

Any type of friction or pressure can create creases in your clothes. Throughout the day, make sure you let them hang freely.

Don’t keep any laptops on your lap or press your clothes up against your bags or arms!

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