Fabric Care Tips to Try This Year

The state of your clothes directly impacts the perception people have of you. The same can be said about the linen and other fabrics in your home. Faded or stained fabric never makes for a great first impression.

Using harsh chemicals to treat fabric only weakens them and drains their color. With our tips and tricks, your clothes and fabrics will look good as new:

Dealing with stains

The main problem people have with their dirty clothes is removing stains. No matter how careful you are, you’re bound to get some food, drink, oil, or dirt on your clothes. These are a nightmare to get rid of, especially when you’re dealing with light colors.

When dealing with stains on a piece of fabric, remember the fundamental rule: never rub the stain! Rubbing increases the chances of the stain spreading, making it more visible and difficult to get rid of. Always blot the stained area to remove the stain without causing further damage.

Certain stains tend to vanish once they dry, but that doesn’t mean it’s not there. Remember to tell the laundry service to give special attention to the stained area.


Leather is a tricky material to work with, but the leather has never been more popular. 2020’s clothing trends also predict the popularity of leather clothing items.

Like other articles of clothing, you can’t pop a leather skirt or jacket into the wash. It has to be cleaned by professionals to maintain its look and texture.

With leather items, you just have to try and keep it as clean as possible. When wearing a leather jacket, make sure you pair it with a scarf to prevent the collar from getting dirty with sweat and oils from your skin.

If you’re ever caught in the unforgiving New York winter rain, let your leather items air dry. Keep them away from heat as it can dry out the leather and ruin its texture.

Cashmere and wool care

Cashmere comes in handy this time of year. It’s super soft, but keeps you warm. Cashmere, as well as other wools, need to be taken care of so that they retain their softness and color.

If you’re washing these items at home, place them in a pillowcase first, that way it doesn’t come in contact with other fabrics and has a more gentle wash. Make sure you use a detergent that’s meant for such fabrics and won’t ruin the fibers. Keep such pieces away from a tumble drier—air dry them only!

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