Easy and Quick Tips For Ironing Your Clothes

Of all the household chores, ironing is perhaps the most tedious and annoying. Sometimes, it just seems impossible to get the perfect finish. But, ironing doesn’t have to be so difficult.

The following tips can help you achieve smooth, crisp, wrinkle-less clothes:


First and foremost, arrange clothes according to temperature—  from coolest to hottest.

If you’re ironing silk or synthetics, use low to medium heat. On the other hand, medium to high is recommended for wool clothing, while linens and cotton require high temperatures.

Setting the right iron temperature is crucial. Once you have set the temperature, let the iron sit for a few minutes.


Do not use circular strokes when ironing clothes. This is likely to stretch the fabric.

It is a good idea to iron clothes straight. If you see any wrinkles, use more steam. After ironing clothes, hang them up immediately.

Sensitive fabrics

Use a pressing cloth for ironing fragile clothes. A clean cotton, napkin or handkerchief can do the job.

Also, iron sensitive fabrics inside out to protect them from sheen. Same technique applies to darker fabrics, such as black.

Extension cord

If you’re using an extension cord, use a 12-ampere cord. Lighter-weight cords are more likely to overheat.  Keep an eye on the cord. Arrange it properly so that no one will trip over it.


Want ironed clothes to smell wonderful? Add a drop of your favorite perfume to the water in your steam iron and then press your clothes.


To prevent deposits from ruining your favorite shirt, dress or any clothing item, clean your iron regularly. Dip a clean cotton cloth in water and baking soda solution. Then, use the wet cloth to clean the iron plate. Make sure it’s not hot. Use q-tips to remove deposits from the holes in the iron.

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