3 Wedding Dress Preservation and Storage Tips for a New Bride!

Wedding dresses are valuable investments, and require weeks of advance planning. After your wedding day is over, your dress is what reminds you of all the precious moments of your big day and how everything unfolded. You want your wedding dress to stand the test of time so that, perhaps, you could pass it on to your future generations.

While some brides choose to donate or auction off their wedding dress, others choose to preserve and store it safely. If you’re of the latter ones, our expert tips might help you.

Here are some wedding dress preservation and storage tips for a new bride!

1. Dry cleaning

If you want to preserve your wedding dress without getting any liquid or water on it, dry cleaning is the best option for you.

You want to choose a company that not only offers dry cleaning services, but specialized wedding gown preservation services too. They’ll examine the fabric, stitching, or any other details carefully and ensure their preservation methods don’t affect the natural aura of your dress in any way.

If you indulged in a glass of red wine on your wedding day and ended up dropping some on your gown, don’t wait to get it treated. Act immediately once the wedding celebrations end and get it dry cleaned as soon as possible. The longer you want, the deeper the stain will be.

2. Don’t use plastic covers

If your wedding dress is stored in a plastic cover, it’s time for you to ditch it and use a high-quality garment bag.

This is because plastic covers trap moisture and can become breeding ground for molds. They can also discolor your wedding gown over time and cause it to fade.

Moreover, avoid storing your dress in a garage or attic. This is because the temperatures in these areas rapidly change, and the lack of humidity can harm your fabric. Instead, consider storing it in dry and cool places where the humidity level is at least 50 percent.

3. Boxing

If you choose to place your wedding dress in a box instead of hanging it, place acid-free tissue in between the dress folds.

Moreover, store it a high-quality, acid-free preservation storage box to allow the flow of air into it.

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