Clothes Wearing Out Too Soon? 6 Laundry Mistakes to Avoid

Laundry woes and tales of spoiled clothes are a common despair shared by almost everyone.

With automatic washing machines and dryers, washing your clothes should be an easy and simple task, right?

Well, if your clothes show signs of wear merely after the first wash cycle, there must be something wrong with the way you do laundry.

laundry basket

Here are some common mistakes that might be cutting down the lifespan of your clothes:

Adding Too Much Detergent

More detergent does not equal cleaner clothes. If you’re adding a copious amount of detergent to one wash cycle, don’t expect your clothes to come out looking new.

It will take a long time to get the soap out of the clothes and even after multiple rinses, your clothes may feel clammy and sticky.

Even if you add a cup full of detergent to a full load of laundry, make sure you don’t pour the detergent on top of the clothes. It will only irritate the fibers. Fill the detergent drawer or mix it with water and then add the clothes.

Overusing Bleach

Who doesn’t love the fresh smell of bleach? It cleans your clothes and makes them germ-free!

However, an excess of bleach will only cause your colored clothes to fade away quickly. Be cautious of the amount you add to your cycle. It’s best to use it sparingly and in small quantity.

Vigorously Scrubbing The Stains

Don’t overwork clothes by vigorously scrubbing the stains. Some stains are too stubborn and might not budge with your daily laundry detergent.

You need industrial strength commercial stain remover solvents to completely get rid of tough stain marks.

It’s best to send your clothes for a professional laundry and dry clean service to avoid causing premature wear and tear.

Overlooking Clothing Inspection

Always remember to check all pockets before chucking clothes in the washing machine.

Shake out the clothes and inspect them thoroughly for any mud stains. If you’re doing laundry for your children, it’s likely that they have balled up messy clothes without cleaning the dirt.

Look for loose change, tissue papers and candy wrappers inside the pockets of dresses and jeans. If a tissue is washed with other clothes, it will be a nightmare to get the wet crumbs out!

Washing Colored Clothes Together

Stop following the old method of separating your clothes in 2 piles; light-colored and dark-colored.

While this may ensure that color doesn’t leak onto white clothes, it does nothing to protect the fibers.

You need to separate your clothes based on texture and fabric. Don’t wash cotton and denim together. Similarly, avoid washing wool and linen clothes in one cycle.

The clothes will rub against each other and wear out natural and synthetic fibers.


Washing Clothes That Must Be Dry Cleaned

If your clothes say “dry-clean only”, don’t be a daredevil by trying to wash them at home.

Most people have the misconception that a simple dip and dry method will work. It is absolutely untrue!

Dry cleaning involves a sophisticated process of using special equipment to clean your clothes without submerging them in water.

If you want to save your clothes from getting disfigured and spoiled, send them for professional dry cleaning.

We hope this guide has helped you identify the mistakes you were making while washing your clothes!

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