5 Things to Do before Dropping Your Clothes off for Dry Cleaning

Certain articles of clothing require professional cleaning. And while dropping them off at a professional service is doing right by them, a lot of us make some unneeded mistakes that mar the whole experience.

Here are some practices that you need to adopt before dropping your clothes off for dry cleaning.

Read the Label

It’s imperative to have a look at the label on your clothing before giving it for dry cleaning. This is because you need to know if your garment comes with any special cleaning instructions from the manufacturer.

This will help you cut down on costs for garments that don’t require dry cleaning.

However, if you’re confused, bring it in, because dry cleaning is always safer for your clothes than machine cleaning.

Note down Any Stains

You should ensure that our staff is aware of any stains on your garments when you bring them in. This is because certain blemishes need special attention to remove them completely.

It will also be helpful to the staff if you could tell them the source of the stain, as each stain requires a slightly different cleaning process. If we know what the stain is caused by, we will be able to remove it much faster.

Examine for Any Existing Damage

Check for any preexisting damage on your garment before giving it away for dry cleaning. This includes missing buttons, loose threads or even broken zippers. If you tell us about such damages l, we’ll be more cautious while handling your clothes and make any arrangements necessary to fix them.

Protect Your Clothes during Transportation

You should keep your clothes in a garment bag while transporting them to us to protect them from direct sunlight. Ideally, you should place them in the trunk of your car to prevent the fibers of your garment from weakening and the colors from fading.

Empty Out Your Pockets

While rushing to drop your clothes off to us, you may forget to empty your pockets and leave valuable items like your wallet, keys, pens, coins, etc. inside.

This may put other people’s clothes at risk which are getting washed alongside yours. This is highly unethical and should be avoided by doing a thorough check of your pockets before leaving.

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