Your Delicates Need Extra Attention: Here’s What You Need To Do!

When you think of delicate fabrics, you probably think undergarments. But there’s a range of delicates that you use on a daily basis, while not knowing that they require extra attention while washing and drying.

Your delicates include every article of clothing that’s hand-knitted, crocheted, and laced. The category could also include spandex, thin knits, LYCRA, silk, nylon, and woolen fabrics.

Clothes that are covered with sequins, ribbons, and embroidery work are also considered to be delicate items. Oh, and if you’re listing down delicates, don’t forget your bras and underwear.

If you don’t give these clothing items the care they need, even one laundry cycle can destroy them.

The following are some tips on how to care for and wash your delicate clothing items:

Maintenance Is A Must

The first step in caring for delicate articles of clothing is to buy a stiff brush that’s designed to clean them. This simple tool has the power to clean everything from women’s dress pants to men’s suits—without water, and within seconds.

Run the brush up against the grain. Then switch to the opposite direction to get rid of any dirt or debris that might be stuck to the clothing.

Running a brush along your delicate items will also reduce the number of washes required, keeping them in pristine condition.

Store Smartly

We know you know how to wash your delicates, but do you know how to store them properly? These fragile clothing items need to be stored in a cool, dry, and dark environment so they are protected from UV rays. This step will also prevent them from fading.

To further ensure that your delicates last more than a month, you need to clean them properly before storing them. This means you can’t throw your used bra into your drawer. Even a small sweat smudge can ruin the other bras in your drawer.

Prioritize Clothing Care

We’ve all been guilty of leaving a loose thread on our crocheted sweater, telling ourselves we’ll tend to it on the weekend. However, before you know it, your sweater may come undone.

The most important care tip for delicate clothing items is that you need to prioritize any mending requirements. For instance, if you notice that the underwire in your bra is peaking out, you need to fix it before it stabs you.


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