Beware of Bleach: Reasons Why You Should Stop Washing Your Clothes With Bleach

When it comes to removing stains from clothes, most of us rely on bleach.

Dry Cleaning

While a laundry detergent with bleach may remove tough stains and spots from your clothes, it is not a safe choice.

Using bleach is not just bad for your clothes, but it can adversely affect your health in the long run.

The hazards of bleach

Prolonged use of chemical bleach can deteriorate the fibers and quality of your clothes. This is primarily because of the process of oxidization, which breaks down stain molecules. This can have a twofold effect on clothes. While you will notice that stains and dirt have been removed, your clothes may appear yellow and stained. In the long run, bleach can completely ruin your colored clothes.

Apart from ruining clothing, the main concern regarding bleach is that it has harmful effects on your health as well the environment.

Inhaling bleach damages the skin, lungs and organs. It can lead to skin irritation and burns, eye irritation, coughing, lightheadedness and more.

Children and infants are particularly sensitive to bleach. Excessive exposure to detergents with bleach can weaken the immune system and cause skin and breathing issues.

Not to mention, excessive use of bleach is toxic to animals and the environment as well.

What’s the solution

Now we know that excessive use of bleaching poses dangers to our clothes, health and the planet, what is an effective alternative for stain removal?

Laundry Services

The best option is to hire a professional laundry or dry cleaning company to remove challenging stains and spots.

However, make sure you choose a cleaning company that uses organic cleaning agents.

Organic cleaning detergents are less toxic than bleach. At the same time, these cleaning products work well for removing grease, dirt, stains and spots, while preserving the freshness of clothes.

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