Washing And Caring For Your High-End Dress Shirts

What’s the priciest item that you can get washed? For most of us, the answer is dress shirts. Dress shirts are a staple in corporate life. Work culture doesn’t care if you’re in China or the US, you have to come into work in a dress shirt—looking your best.

And while you might be able to wash and wear the average dress shirt at home, when it comes to high-end dress shirts, most of us try to avoid overuse.

However, with proper care and washing techniques, you can wear your high-end dress shirts to your heart’s content.

The following are some tips for taking care of and washing your high-end dress shirts effectively:

Read The Label

This tip holds for any piece of clothing. But for dress shirts, you need to be extra careful with what the wash and care label says.

If it recommends that you just dry clean, do not wash it at home. If it tells you to wash it at a specific temperature, you need to follow those instructions. If it specifies the number of cycles a dress shirt needs, spin it accordingly.

Everyday Care

When a stain isn’t treated quickly, it’ll settle in to the fabric. The same goes for ketchup or curry stains on your dress shirt. Washing a dress shirt is essential, but it’s also crucial for you to check your dress shirts for loose buttons, rips, wrinkles, and unobtrusive stains. This routine will allow you to catch the problem before it settles in, preventing damage.

Moreover, it is recommended that you hang your dress shirts a few inches apart from each other to let them drape naturally and so they have the space to breathe.

Wash Instructions

Before putting your dress shirt into the dryer, you need to unbutton all the buttons and remove the cuffs and collars. You also need to be careful about the collar stays—don’t worry if they are fused to the collar.

The next step is to pre-treat the stains by spot cleaning them. After pre-treating your dress shirt, you can use a delicate wash for lightweight dress shirts and a regular cycle for heavier fabrics. Moreover, if it’s a white or light-colored shirt, hot or warm water will do the job. But if it’s a dark-colored shirt—or a color that might bleed—you’ll have to use cold water.

Being a part of the corporate workforce, washing and caring for your dress shirt might not be your favorite pastime. However, if you want to continue going to the office looking sharp, you need to invest time and energy into adequately washing your dress shirts.

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