A Man’s Guide to Dry Cleaning Corporate Suits

mens formal wearIn the cutthroat corporate world, a man’s business suit is an extension of his personality and professionalism.
It doesn’t matter where you purchased your suit from—off the rack or from a couture designer.
What matters is the state this essential piece of formal menswear is in.
Even though corporate suits don’t need to be washed as frequently as other kinds of clothing, all such suits require a round of professional cleaning after a certain time.
It’s a given that you have to get a business suit professionally cleaned. However, the story doesn’t end here.
If you want to know how often to take your suit to the dry-cleaner’s, keep reading this men’s guide to dry-cleaning corporate suits!

Organic Dry-Cleaning-Your Suit’s New Best Friend

Traditional dry-cleaning damages the quality of your suit—let’s start there. It’s an open secret of the fabric cleaning industry that PERC, a highly toxic cleaning agent, is commonly used to strip clothes of dirt.
Organic dry cleaning—as the name suggests—only uses naturally-found products that are devoid of harmful substances like PERC to give the same quality of results. Pretty neat, right?
It goes without saying that if you haven’t switched to organic dry-cleaning, make the change now.

When To Hit The Dry-Cleaner’s

The right time to drop off your corporate suits at your local dry-cleaning service provider depends on the wear you’ve gotten out of it. If you seldom don a suit, then you’re probably good for a year.
formal suits dry cleaning
A rule of thumb to determine when your suits are due for a professional cleaning is when measures like airing out and spot-cleaning aren’t doing the trick. If you opt for traditional dry-cleaning services, you’ll have to limit availing the service to a minimum.
PERC is the main culprit behind stripping of wool fibers and making them brittle. If you go for it’s more affordable and eco-friendly counter-part—organic dry-cleaning you can get your suit dry-cleaned as often as you like (within reason).

It’s All About You—Enjoy Custom Organic Dry-Cleaning

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