Making Friends with an Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaner

Laundry is a vital part of normal adult life. Every time you wear a new dress, the previous one has to be washed and cleaned properly if you plan on reusing it. Finding time in your busy life and work schedule can prove to be quite difficult, and finding laundry solutions that don’t impact the environment negatively is even harder.

Eco-friendly and green laundry solutions play a critical role in reducing the carbon footprint and air pollution, which is why it’s important for you to find a laundry service that will not only provide timely and reliable services, but will also play a direct part in protecting the environment.

The Harmful Effects of Common Dry Cleaning Chemicals

Perchloroethylene, or PERC, is one of the most commonly used dry cleaning chemicals in the US. It’s often labeled as an eco-villain. Effective in removing tough stains and grease, the solvent is a loved product in the dry cleaning business, but its far-reaching negative impacts outweigh its positives. Let’s look at a few of them:

  • The solution causes irreparable damage to soil and water if accidentally spilled
  • PERC can evaporate in the air, leaving toxic by-products in its wake
  • PERC exposure—even a little amount or for little time—can cause blurred vision and dizziness
  • In the long-term, PERC exposure causes cancer, birth defects, and premature death
  • PERC affects the reproductive ability and fertility of women, while causing miscarriages in pregnant women


Why You Should Get an Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaning Service

Here’s why finding a pro-environment laundry service should matter to you:

  • Eco-friendly laundry solutions are just as effective as conventional ones
  • Wet cleaning uses mild detergents that are harmless and don’t produce toxic waste
  • The liquid CO2 used in the cleaning process is itself a by-product, so air-pollution is avoided
  • With the liquid carbon dioxide cleaning method, the carbon footprint is nominal because most of the gas is being reused
  • Organic solutions are way less harmful than carcinogens and have no harmful health effects

If you are hiring a dry cleaning service that’s eco-friendly, we want you to know that we are proud of you! If you’re looking for an eco-friendly dry cleaning service in New York and Queens, look no further, because we are 100% pro-environment.

Using only wet cleaning technology and organic cleaner solutions at NY Organic Dry Cleaners, you can avail our laundry services NYC any time of the day. We also specialize in custom tailoring and alterations.

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