Let’s Talk About It: The Dangers of Indoor Laundry Drying

There’s no denying the fact that New York is a city with high humidity. However, the common practice of drying wet laundry indoors makes the entire situation a whole lot worse. It aggravates the symptoms of asthma in those patients who already struggle with respiratory disorders.

Why People Are Choosing to Dry Their Wet Laundry Indoor?

Because of prolonged rain seasons in many U.S. states, more people are now opting to dry their washed laundry inside their homes. Another factor that has led to a boost in this practice is the increase of utility bills. Many Americans have stopped using tumble dryers because they consume significant amount of energy, which results in higher utility bills.

According to a three-year research conducted by the Mackintosh Environmental Architecture Research Unit (MEARU), people tend to increase the heating temperatures of tumble dryers in order to dry off the moist laundry quicker.

Collin Porteous, one of the researchers, stated:

“Because of increased awareness of the energy consumption of tumble dryers many people are choosing to dry clothes passively within their home.”

He further added:

“This results not only in a severe energy penalty, because of increased heating demand, but also a potential health risk due to higher moisture levels.”

Health Hazard of Indoor Laundry Drying

While you may have no intention to cause harm to anyone with this innocent habit, it can transform your home into a nest for bacteria and germs.

According to a Senior lecturer at the University of New South Wales (UNSW), Dr. Nick Osborne, drying wet laundry inside home may result in mold growth, bad indoor air-quality, and dust-mites. All this may trigger or worsen the symptoms of asthma in asthmatic patients.

Many previous studies have also proved that hanging wet clothes on drying frames inside home may lead to a 30% increase in humidity levels.

Who Is at Risk?

Besides people struggling with asthma, here are others who may get affected by indoor laundry drying.

  • Infants and children
  • Senior people
  • People struggling with eczema or other skin conditions
  • People with immune system disorders

What Can We Do to Change It?

We can’t stop it from raining in New York, but here are some things that we can do to keep ourselves protected from some serious health conditions.

  • Get rid of the practice of drying wet clothes inside your home
  • Don’t store your clothes in damp closets or congested wardrobes
  • Have well-functioning exhaust fans and vent fans across your home, especially in spaces where you wash dishes and clothes.
  • Install a humidifier or a purifier to keep moisture levels low inside your home

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