5 Facts about Dry-Cleaning Everyone Needs to Know

facts about dry cleaning


NY Organic Dry Cleaners have built a reputation by consistently providing superior services and implementing organic cleaning methods that limit our environmental footprint.

We believe in maintaining open and honest relationships with our clients about the services we offer and the processes we implement.

Check out the following facts related to dry-cleaning which we think everyone should know:

1) Not all dry-cleaners are equal

You may have dry-cleaners at every block, but their quality of services isn’t the same. Not all dry-cleaners have the supplies needed to properly dry-clean delicate dresses with intricate details and special fabrics.

Before you hand over your wedding dress to your neighborhood dry-cleaners, be sure to ask them where the dress will be cleaned. It’s very common for dry-cleaners to send wedding dresses off for batch cleaning where they can be washed in a machine with 30 other dresses!

Do you really want your precious wedding dress tossing and tumbling in a machine loaded with so many other dresses?

2) Clothing care labels aren’t always correct

It’s true that you shouldn’t ignore clothing care labels but they aren’t always correct. Oftentimes they’ll tell you that certain clothes need to be sent off the dry-cleaners even though they don’t. The garments are not tested before the care labels are attached to them.

If you’re unsure about certain fabrics, take your clothes to the dry-cleaners to get their opinions before just handing it over to them.

3) Clothes can shrink

Clothes made out of certain fabrics will shrink when the right cleaning methods are not used. This usually happens with clothes that have not been pre-shrunk. Some clothing labels will warn you about possible shrinkage.

4) Dry-cleaned clothes do not wear out faster

Dry-cleaning may look like a more intense method of cleaning but dry-cleaning clothes do not wear out faster than laundered clothes – especially when organic dry-cleaning methods are used.

The use of harmful chemicals such as PERC may strip clothes off their natural oils which makes them brittle but with organic dry-cleaning; clothes are cleaned without the use of harsh solvents.

5) Eco Green Cleaning is better for clothes

facts about dry cleaning

Eco Green Cleaning is the most advanced process of organic dry cleaning. The process cleans clothes thoroughly without stripping them of their strength or their color. Clothes treated with Eco Green Cleaning definitely last longer and are better for you and the environment.

At NY Organic Dry Cleaners we’re committed to offering our customers the greatest services. Our services ensure that our customers’ clothes are well looked after and that we are protecting the environment and your health at the same time.

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