Find out Why Starch is used in Your Clothes!

Most people approach a dry cleaner to keep their clothes looking perfectly new. And since we understand the importance of looking on fleek, we use every technique at our disposal to make that happen.

For instance, if want your suit to give off a crisp, new look, we use starch to get the job done.

Starch is a compound that’s used during or after cleaning for a unmatched finish. This blog will go through all its benefits.

Allows for Faster and Easier Ironing

The application of starch during dry cleaning will eases and hastens the ironing process, as the iron can glide across the fabric very smoothly. Additionally, it will set in that position so you will not have to repeatedly iron a particular spot.

Gives off a Polished Look

Using starch in your clothing will help you give off a more professional vibe. In fact, this practice dates back to the 16th century, when people mixed corn with water to produce starch from scratch and use it for cleaning.

Keeps Your Clothes Wrinkle-free for Longer

Starch also helps you keep your clothes free of wrinkles. However, some people prefer not to get their clothes starched, because they feel that their clothes get too stiff after getting ironed.

However, this problem doesn’t arise if you avail the services of a reputable, experienced dry cleaner like us, as we pay attention to the fabric type and needs, customizing our process accordingly.

Provides Stain Protection to Fabrics

A very useful advantage of using starch on your clothing is that all the dirt, sweat, and debris will cling to the starch instead of the shirt. This will allow you to clean it and not worry about the stains left behind.

Extends the Life of Your Garment

People have grown to believe that starch degrades fabrics over time. This is highly inaccurate. In fact, the opposite is true because starch application prevents the fabric from fraying and lessens the need for heavy-duty products for cleaning by forming a barrier between your fabric and stains.

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