Caring For Your Clothes During Winter—Are You Doing It Right?

Winter is here and that means taking out all the heavy sweaters, jackets, and warm woolen scarves from your closet.

They had been neatly tucked away for a year, hidden from the dust and dirt that had embraced the air of the world outside. You needed to regularly wash your clothes to protect them from the damage that came with heat and sweat.

But winter clothes come with their own cleaning requirements. While t-shirts, scarves, and jeans are easy to wash, jackets, cashmeres, and hoodies are not.

Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Use our winter care guide to ensure your clothes don’t wear out during the frosty season.

For Cashmeres


Don’t wash cashmere in the machine by yourself. When it comes to washing cashmere, it’s best to use mild washing detergent, or baby shampoo. Make sure you don’t tumble dry it.

Cashmere also takes time to dry so you’ll have to lay it flat on clean concrete and use a towel to soak up the moisture. You will need to press it with a towel.

Since cashmeres take time to wash and dry, it’s best to leave it to a professional. Dry cleaning is the way to go when it comes to cashmeres.

Woolen Scarves, Coats, and Pants

Of course, it all depends on the type of materials your clothes are made of. But woolen scarves need special scare. It’s tricky to wash woolen clothes because wool absorbs water quickly.

You’ll notice that after washing, your woolen scarf is heavier and takes hours to dry. Using the dryer can damage the fabric of your scarf.

For coats and pants (if they’re denim), you need to use a suede brush to clean them. But make sure you’re careful. Brushing too hard can damage the fabric while brushing softly won’t be effective at cleaning.

You need to know the right technique and need to balance everything so the fabric doesn’t wear out.

Washing winter clothes on a daily basis isn’t possible when you’re busy and working throughout the day. The frosty weather can also make you sick if you’re not careful.

This is where dry cleaners come in. We’ve saved hundreds of clients from winter care-related headaches with our exceptional dry cleaning services.

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