Why Should You Choose Organic Dry Cleaning Over Conventional Dry Cleaning

Avoiding the chore of doing laundry every week is reason enough to opt for dry-cleaning. However, dry-cleaning can be chosen for the “greater good” like, avoiding chemicals and saving the environment.
Conventional cleaning agents are infused with chemicals that are not only detrimental to your health, but the environment as well. People are switching to greener and safer alternatives that are easy on clothes, health and the environment.

Organic dry-cleaning is gaining popularity among people who are open to eco-friendly lifestyle. However, some people are still questioning this organic cleaning process.
Let’s establish why organic cleaning is the right option for you.

What’s The Difference Between Conventional And Organic Dry-Cleaning?

According to the EPA, the conventional dry-cleaning industry is highly-unregulated. This means that the industry lacks safe and sustainable cleaning practices. They use hazardous cleaning agents like, PERC and waste scarce resource like water and energy to do a simple cleaning task.
On the other hand, organic dry-cleaning takes responsibility of their processes, using biodegradable detergents. It generally uses wet-cleaning or CO2 cleaning techniques. Both dry-cleaning techniques utilize little water and energy. In fact, carbon dioxide used for dry-cleaning can be recycled again and again for multiple wash-cycles.

clothes hanging in laundrette

Why Should You Switch?

Before taking your dirty laundry to a conventional dry-cleaner, think about all the toxin and chemicals that will impact your health and environment.
Avoid PERC
PERC is a highly-hazardous cleaning agent, which has been categorized as carcinogenic by the EPA. It has also been linked to various other health problems such as, skin and eye allergies, respiratory issues, lung and brain tissue damage, etc. High exposure to PERC can exacerbate symptoms of an existing medical condition and damage the Central Nervous System.
Environmental Impact
Residue of PERC left on your dry-cleaned clothes and waste water infused with high-levels of PERC is released into the environment during the conventional dry-cleaning process. This toxic element eventually makes its way to the groundwater (drinkable water), and contaminates it. The eco-system is severely disrupted, when this contaminated water is consumed by plants and animals.


Switching to organic dry-cleaning is an easy way to save the earth and its habitat from toxic chemicals. Schedule a laundry pick-up with NY Organic Dry Cleaners. We offer customers with a green and clean washing experience.
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