Wardrobe Care Tips from Your Friendly NYC Organic Dry Cleaners

Now that the cold currents have stopped blowing, and the spring dew has settled in, we can finally enjoy the blossom delights and look forward to adorning the light, cool tones. But just wait before you grab your favorite tees…Your wardrobe needs your care, and you must address its need first.

When the Mother Nature had got everything cracking, popping and shivering, it was your wardrobe that kept you warm. So, it’s now your turn to give back. This is exactly why we are here today, to share with you some tips so that you can repay your wardrobe with the same warmth that it embraced you with during the freezing winter months.

The ONE item: “CEDAR”

Spring and summer bring warm and damp weather with them. Unluckily for your wardrobe, this is an ideal weather type for proliferation of clothes moths.

What do clothes moths do?

They feed on your wardrobe and leave many small riddle-sized holes all over it.

To protect your wardrobe, use cedar.

Why cedar?

Clothes moths don’t like the scent of cedar. Wherever there is cedar, clothes moths tend to stay away from those places.

So by placing cedar balls and cubes in your wardrobe drawers, you can keep your winterclothes protected from moths.

Have the clothes dry cleaned and stored in vaccum sealed bags

Before storing away your winter clothes, have them dry cleaned from an organic dry cleaner.

Why have them dry cleaned?

There are two reasons for that:

  • First, dry-cleaning will get rid of any moths (or moth eggs) that may be hiding deep within the fabric of your winter clothes.
  • Second, it will ensure that all stains are removed, so that you can continue to enjoy your warm winter clothes for years to come.


After having your clothes dry cleaned, store them in vaccum sealed bags to keep them neat, clean and moth free.

If hanging, use good quality hangers

If you’re hanging your winter clothes, make sure to use good quality, right shape and right size hangers for the purpose.

You don’t want your winter clothes to keep falling off and lose their form.

We’d suggest using wooden hangers.

Why wooden hangers?

This is because wooden hangers, unlike plastic hangers, don’t attract dust which keeps your wardrobe from getting dirty and messy.


And well, that’s it!

We wish you a happy spring and summer.

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