Hiding Stains in the Wardrobe and the Science Behind Them

We’ve all been there. You grab what you think is a clean pair of pants from your wardrobe, only to discover that it has a gasping stain on the underside. Confused; you rattle your brain trying to remember where that port came from. You’re pretty sure it wasn’t there when you washed the garment. Was the stain hiding in your wardrobe? Obviously, not. Then where in the world did it come from?

In the language of dry cleaning, we call such stains delayed stains.

These stains have the habit of reappearing even after you remove them; however, the matter of fact is they never go away. Whatever stain removal method you use to treat them at home, it only acts as a temporary solution, sending them into a temporary hiding. They eventually return, and when they return, they return uglier than ever.

Thankfully, not all stains have the characteristic to reappear as delayed stains, and there are only a few types of stains that possess this unique property.

What are these stain types?

Stains from juice (or some other sugary beverage)

Juice stains are common. And while you initially may be able to blot, dry and make them disappear, they often reappear after you wash the clothing article.

Why does this happen?

Juice contains sugar. During washing, the heat from the washing process oxidizes the sugar residues stuck on the fabric of your clothing, which causes the previously “seemingly” cleaned stain to reappear.

Sip… Spill… Sloppy!

Stains from alcohol (any substance that contains alcohol)

Alcohol stains can fade garments, especially if you don’t clean them properly.

Alcohol has the tendency to attach to garment dyes. So, when you clean an alcohol stain at home, you can accidentally wash out the hue in the process, which can ruin your garment.

For what it’s worth, alcohol stains can be caused by any alcoholic substance (not only alcoholic drinks) that may come into contact with your clothing. Some examples of alcohol containing substances that we use daily include perfumes, lotions, aftershaves, colognes, hairsprays and medications.


This begs the question:

What should you do about delayed stains?

Simple. Avoid cleaning them at home, for you may end up running your clothes; instead, take your clothes to an organic dry cleaner for effective and complete stain removal.

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