Laundry Washing: Glitter- or Sequin-Covered Clothing Edition

Summer is almost here. You know what that means, right?

Three…two…one, together:


The summer season is filled with bashes, soirees and shindigs. Friends gather, families picnic and colleagues celebrate.

What’s at the center of most summer parties?

You guessed it right; dresses.  And nothing screams a true summer party dress more than a fun glitter-covered or sequined clothing.

These sparkling embellishments are showing up lately on everything from skirts and frocks to shirts and blazers.

While they are a great fit for the purpose, one mustn’t forget that they also require extra care to keep shining and glittering through every jamboree.

Luckily, following these few simple steps will ensure that your favorite glitter or sequin covered dress is ready for all things fun, giggles, rocking and mocktails…

Taking Care of Your Summer Party Dress

Washing Glitter Covered Clothing

Glitter is typically glued onto the surface of the fabric and is therefore extremely fragile. Over time, the glue will begin to deteriorate, and all that glitter will start falling off your dress. This can also happen if you don’t wash or dry your glitter-covered dress properly. That’s why you should always get your glittered clothing cleaned by an organic dry-cleaning service.

However, if due to any reason you’re unable to take your glitter-covered dress to a professional drycleaner, you can also wash it at home. Apply a light coat of hairspray over your dress for extra protection and gently wash it in cold water.

Things to avoid?

  • Scrubbing
  • Drying the dress in the dryer

Washing Sequin Covered Clothing

Compared to glittered clothing, sequined clothing is relatively more durable. However, they are still quite delicate and should be handled with care.

Sequined clothing should only be hand-washed in cold water. If there are any stains, spot clean the stains first. Use mild regular detergent as a cleaning agent. After washing, lay the clothes flat to dry.

Things to avoid?

  • Washing the dress in the washer
  • Wringing

As always, it’s better to have your sequin covered dress washed by an organic dry cleaner.


And that completes our care guide for glittered and sequined dresses.

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