How To Retain The Look And Feel Of Your Silk Collection

There is no fabric better than silk to make you feel like royalty in your own skin!
It is no surprise that this fabric is also widely used as a metaphor for high-quality: silky smooth skin, silky hair, silky/velvety chocolate, etc.
Despite its aesthetic appeal and great comfort, people hesitate from opting for this fabric because its considered high-maintenance.
Read again: that is a MYTH!

The only amount of maintenance that silk requires is to be dealt with care.
Here are few easy tips to give your silk collection routine-cleaning without spoiling its look.

1. Custom Dry Clean

It would be unfair to leave your silk in rough hands with regular dry cleaners. Dry cleaning helps with dissolving oil and grease stains better than water.
If there are any particular stains on your silk dress, be sure to tell your dry cleaners about them and inform them of any home remedies you may have tried on the spot like vinegar or lemon.

2. Hand Washing

While hand washing your silk clothes, always use cold water to prevent color loss. Choose a mild detergent because silk easily gets rid of dirt; harsh chemicals might damage the fiber. Soak it in cold, soapy water for a few minutes and then rinse. Do NOT wring excess water out of silk. Always leave your wet clothes on a hanger to let the water drip out.

3. Drying

Unlike your daily cotton wear, your special silk items should not be hung on the washing line under the sun. That might lead to discoloration. Once excess water has dripped out of the laundered clothes, let them air dry or lay them on a cotton towel and sandwich them in between it. Gently blot them for soaking out the water.

4. Ironing

ironing silk
To get rid of the wrinkles that result from washing, either steam iron or press your clothes. Keep the heat setting low in either case. While pressing, make sure your clothes are still a little damp and turned inside out to avoid color damage.

5. Moth Prevention

Moth larvae survive on food stains, human hair and skin because that supplies protein, and perspiration stains because that gives them the much-needed moisture.
It is important to store your silk only when they are clean and hang them in cotton bags in a dry place to avoid moisture-thirsty moth.
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