Sending Your Clothes Out For Dry-Cleaning? Here’s How To Prepare Them

Dry cleaningLaundry for your collection of fast-fashion outfits is simple, you just have to shove them into the washing machine and they’ll come out clean.

For all your precious clothing—the expensive kind with made from the fancy fabric—there is dry-cleaning.

Contrary to popular belief, dry-cleaning isn’t a dry process; the fabric is still rinsed with liquids. However, these liquids are less viscose than water and can run through the fibers more easily without interfering with much with the fabric.

To get the best out of dry-cleaning, take a look at the following tips:

1) Read the label

Before cutting the label off your clothes, make it a point to read the cleaning instructions it contains. These instructions help extend the life of the clothes. Use the label to determine whether the clothes need to be dry-cleaned or machine-washed. It can help you save some cash.

2) Stain-spotting

Inform your dry-cleaner of any stains and spots you may have on your clothes. These areas will need pre-treating. Also let them know where they stain came from so they are able to apply the correct solvents to remove them.

3) Check for damages

Take a good look at your clothes before dropping them off at the dry-cleaner. You don’t want to find the damage later on and blame them for something they haven’t done.

4) Protect your fancy clothing items

dry cleaning

Delicate and expensive clothing needs to be protected. When you’re transporting a dress with intricate detail, it needs to hang straight from a hanger so the detailing doesn’t get entangled. Suits also need to be hung from a wooden hanger to maintain their shape.

Also, don’t forget to practice extra caution and place all expensive, formal wear in a protective bag.

5) Check the pockets

Like with the rest of your laundry, check your pockets before sending them off to the dry-cleaner. You’d be surprised by the sort of things we’ve found in their!

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