Learning How To Care For Your Activewear

Gym enthusiasts often wear activewear outside their workout sessions as well, since it’s become a fashion statement now. When most of your closet contains activewear as casualwear, you need to know how to wash and take care of these items properly.

Doing so will save you time and money that you’d otherwise be spending on buying more activewear.

Sweating during a workout is great. But leaving soiled workout clothes on the floor isn’t a great idea. This will leave your activewear patched with stains and, in the long run, will make it unusable.

The following are some tips for taking care of and washing your gym gear:

Wash Your Gym Clothes Right Away

The best way to ensure that body odor doesn’t settle into your gym clothes is to wash them right after your workout session.

This doesn’t mean that you have to do laundry every day, however; you can eliminate bacteria by soaking the clothes in water and allowing the stains to dissolve.

Did You Read The Label?

Reading the care and wash labels on your activewear is an integral part of keeping them safe. Most people aren’t aware that activewear is made of synthetic fabrics. A lot of people also work out in cotton clothing.

It’s best if synthetic materials are washed in only cold water to avoid shrinkage. But odors can be effectively removed with the help of hot water. This is why it’s mandatory for you to read the wash and care label on your activewear.

Ditch The Fabric Softener

Most people have a habit of adding a bit of fabric softener to each laundry load. But you’ll need to rid of this habit for the sake of your activewear.

Fabric softeners are known to trap sweat and bacteria. They can reduce the elasticity, forcing you to discard your activewear.

Air Dry

Excessive heat will cause your activewear to shrink. You don’t need to dry these articles of clothing in your dryer because the material is designed to dry quickly and without any hassle.

However, if you’re in a rush and can’t avoid the dryer, you should use the air-only option or turn the dryer to the lowest setting possible.


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