Calm Your OCD! 3 Tips for Organizing a Cluttered Wardrobe

If you’re done with your wardrobe that falls like the Niagara every time you open the closet door, you probably need to buckle-up and get your wardrobe in shape. And now that the Christmas holidays are here, and winter season is in full swing, you need to make some space for all those new winter clothes you bought on Christmas discounts for the New Year.

You won’t even have to spend dollars on organizing your messy closet or toss out your favorite clothes to make space for the new ones. We’ve rounded up these amazing tricks to help you make your closet time fun without having to make a Sophie’s Choice.

Don’t Hang on to Extra Clothes That You Never Wear

Sure, we all love to see a range of colors every time we peek inside our closets, but we seldom ever wear them all. Most people even have their signature outfit style in mind and they get dressed every day based on that “ideal image”. However, they still hang on to extra clothes that they never want to wear, but plan to wear someday.

So, unless you’re Taylor Swift waiting for your white horse, get rid of that extra baggage, and turn your wardrobe into a well-sorted collection of the outfits that suit your ideal signature look.

Before You Throw out an Article, Ask Yourself Some Questions

Your decision of tossing away your clothes shouldn’t be solely dependent on whether you wear that piece any longer, or the last time you wore it. There are some other tough, yet important questions that you must ask yourself before throwing away that pair of jeans (or any other clothing article).

  • Did I feel good, bad or weird when I last wore this piece?
  • Is it a pain to maintain this particular piece?
  • Does this require ironing every time?
  • Am I actually going to wear it? Or am I just fantasizing it?
  • Does this piece make me feel bad about my body shape?

If any of these questions come up with a negative answer, know that it’s time to bid farewell to that particular article, no matter the memories attached to it.

Store Heirlooms Where They Belong

When we say throw away a piece that you no longer wear, we are not asking you to throw away your precious possessions. We all have at least one heirloom from our grandparents that’s not in fashion anymore. A better way to protect these wardrobe items is to keep them at storage in your home. You can also store them in a storage provided by a reliable company.

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