Busted: Dry Cleaning Myths

There is always a certain section of people that hesitate and therefore avoid using dry cleaning services. That’s because of the common myths that surround this chemical-based cleaning technique.

In this blog post, we have busted all those myths and exposed the hidden realities that many people don’t know about.

1. Dry Cleaning Is Actually Dry

The term “dry cleaning” may deceive you into believing that the procedure is a dry one and may not involve cloth-washing with liquid. The truth is – dry cleaning is a procedure that requires cleaning of clothes with solvents other than water.

2. Dry Cleaning Sweaters Ruin the Texture

That’s false; it doesn’t. Not when you try washing them with lukewarm water and a gentle detergent.

Once washed, lay the sweater flat on a towel with their arms folded in. Fold in the corners of the towel and roll it up. This will squeeze out the water, keeping the texture intact.

3. Silk or Cashmere Should Be Dry Cleaned Only

The good news is that you can wash these fabrics in washing machines easily. The only time you shouldn’t hand wash them is when they are embellished or have some dye on them.

4. Clothes That Say “Dry Cleaning Only” Should Only Be Washed at the Dry Cleaners

Cashmere sweaters or light-colored silk items may come with a tag of “dry cleaning only” but can be hand washed at home without ruining the quality of the clothing at all.

5. Only Dry Cleaning Removes Stubborn Stains

There are plenty of DIY tutorials that provide stain-removing methods that are just as effective. Thus, stubborn stains of red wine, oil, blood, ink, and chocolate can easily be removed at home.

6.   Clothes Should Be Stored In a Plastic Bag After Dry Cleaning

Professionals suggest that your clothes need to breathe, so shoving them away in a plastic bag will only trap them more. They may also absorb the residual odor of chemicals by being locked in a plastic bag.

7. Excessive Dry Cleaning Wears Out Your Clothes

Your clothing may show signs of wear by overusing, mishandling, or improperly taking care of them. Not due to dry cleaning, for sure.

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