5 Things That Determine Your Experience with a Dry Cleaning Service


Nearly 100 years ago, people had no choice but to wash their clothes with their hands! Thank goodness, we exist in an age where machines do the job for us. And if we don’t want to waste our time and energy lugging our clothes to the laundry room at home and into the washer, there are uncountable dry cleaning services out there that’ll save you the hassle of doing that too!

It all just comes down to the dry cleaning service you choose to hire.

Here are some things to consider when choosing a dry cleaner that’ll determine your experience with the service.

1. Turnaround Time

Does the company provide a fast and efficient service? If you want to start sending your regular clothes to a dry cleaning service, you need to make sure that their turnaround time suits you best. You’ll want your week’s worth of shirts back in your wardrobe, ready to be worn again next week, as soon as possible.

2. Loss/Damage Policy

There’s little chance that a dry cleaning service losses your clothes, but you should still choose a company that has a strong loss or damage policy in place as it’ll provide you peace of mind that your valuable clothes are in responsible hands.

3. Pricing

When choosing a dry cleaning service, it’s important to research and evaluate your options. Consider a company’s services and pricing and see if it goes well with your weekly laundry budget.


4. Pickups and Drop-offs

If you’re hiring a dry cleaning service, it’s mostly because you’d rather spend your time doing something more productive. You’ll be happy to hear that most laundry services provide pickup and drop-off services, reducing the average time an American spends in laundry-related activities to just 8 hours a month. Don’t miss out on this service when hiring a dry cleaning service.

5. Consistency

When you’re spending your hard-earned money on something, it’s your right to receive the highest quality of service. To make sure you get the best experience, choose a company that’s known for its consistent service. Read reviews, customer feedback and rake through the company’s website before making the final decision.

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